Docufiction 31’ , Ukraine, 2013


He and She come to the Ukrainian small village hidden in  mountains, settle in a house and aimlessly roam the countryside. The guy tries to tell the girl about these places and every day she understands his delight more and more. It is their holidays, their escape into nature with the aim of understanding themselves.


Cast: Yulia Artuh, Dima Glukhenky

Sory, camera, editing: Marina Stepanska

Sound designer: Anton Baibakov

Production designer: Anatoliy Lavrenishin



 2013 - Kiev International Film Festival "Molodist" (Kyiv)

2014 - Kiev International Short Film Festival (Kyiv)

2014 - Kaunas International Short Film Festival (Kaunas)

2014 - East Silver Market (Jiglava)

2014 - Artdocfest (Moskow)

trailers and stills
30 September 2014
You can see "Holidays" on the EAST SILVER Market at 18th Jihlava IDFF, Oct 23 - 28, 2014