Документальний, 70’ Україна, 2017

Project has been  developed within Archidoc, a documentary workshop run by La Femis, France in 2013/2014


Grigory is 89. He has always lived in a lonely village nestled deep in the Ukrainian mountains. He keeps on filming (on) in 16mm his neighbours who don’t remember their real past.  By shooting, developing, and editing his films over almost half a century, Grigory wants to capture the time on celluloid. He has neither followers, nor admirers. Our incidental meeting in the village turned out into making a new movie together...


Story: Marina Stepanska

Camera: Marina Stepanska, Sergiy Stetsenko

Sound: Sergiy Stepansky, Alexandr Verhovinets

Editing: Boris Peter

Consultants: Valdis Oscarsdottir, Thierry Garrel, Catherine Bernstein

trailers and stills